Half price diamonds: is it a magic?

16 Jul 14 - 08:26

Diamonds are worldwide known as priceless in terms of price as well as these stones are valued as pricey assets. Different types of diamonds are available for purchase and they are priced as per their inherent qualities, which is termed as 4C parameter. These 4Cs are cut, clarity, carat, and color. More these 4cs are beautifully qualified, the diamond is considered more expensive.

Half price diamondsThen you might be wondering what half price diamonds are? Obviously these are low cost diamonds available for sale. These diamonds are actually not compromised quality diamonds but they are compromised in their cuts and clarity issue.

Cut is the quality of a diamond responsible for light reflection through it. In case you are planning to purchase diamonds at half price than market price, you must check their authenticity certificate; otherwise there is high chance that your purchased diamonds can be of compromised quality. In that half price is not at all as advantage.

Brilliant rounds shaped diamonds are the most costly items. For obvious reason these rare diamonds are not available against half price. It is logically obvious that half priced diamond stones will not be of round shape. You may buy other fancy shaped diamonds, and if quality and cut matches each other, half priced diamonds will be of good quality.
Half price diamonds

Similarly before purchasing half price diamonds the colors and carat measure should be checked one from authentic stores. More the diamonds are at par international standard they will be highly priced. For example most transparent, and mostly colorless diamonds are good quality ones, others can be sold at half price than available in market.

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