Discount diamond jewelry: check 4c before buying

18 Aug 14 - 22:57

It is indeed a daunting task for purchasing diamond jewelries online because here you are not getting the jewelry in hand before you pay the bill. Therefore availing paper wise authentication is the best way for checking its reliability and market price. Whatever is the price of the diamond jewelry, regardless you will be enjoying special discount or not, purchasing diamond is always an investment.

It is safe therefore before purchasing discount diamond jewelry, it is always wise to check the grade report. The grade report is the most authentic declaration of the quality of diamonds used in the jewelry and the 4C factor analysis can be your best guide for purchasing diamond jewelries. These 4c are clarity, color, carat, and color.
Discount diamond jewelry
  • Color: The costliest diamonds are absolutely colorless. However, if you are looking for fancy color diamonds in diamond jewelry, darker hued diamonds will attract more cost.
  • Clarity: Diamonds without any bubble and other spots inside are considered costlier. More a stone has clarity, it is considered better in grade.
  • Cut: The cut of a diamond is the secret behind its sparkle. Cut is the feature of the diamond which stands responsible for its light reflection ability.
  • Carat is the mass of the diamonds used in jewelry. However, it is not necessary that more the mass is in a diamond it will be costly in that proportion. Rather you can say carat with finest cut, clarity, and color will give you the best market price.

Discount diamond jewelry

Besides diamonds, which are embossed in the jewelry, you should check the metal also. For authentic discount diamond jewelry you can browse the immaculate stock of

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