Cheap loose diamonds: how to decide diamonds quality by its color

15 Sep 14 - 02:13

Purchasing loose diamonds are in common practice these days. Even diamond merchants prefer to buy loose diamonds online because this is an easy way to get diamonds from most reputable diamond merchants. However, online purchasing of diamonds has its inherent risk concerning its quality.

Online purchasing of diamond cab risky as there is hardly any chance to check the diamonds physically. But there is an easy remedy too. The quality of the diamonds can be checked by its 4c factors and it can be verified that the cheap loose diamonds you are purchasing are of good quality. Verifying its color intensity is one of the trusted ways for being sure about the quality of the diamonds.

Cheap loose diamonds

For color, more a diamond will be colorless its quality will be considered superior. International stand of diamond color is like this:

  • D-F - Colorless – obviously the most prized and looked-for because of their rare availability.
  • G-I - Virtually no color tint gets visible to the untrained eye.
  • J-M - Very indistinct hint of yellow will be see however, this flaw can be absolutely minimized by selecting the right mount.
  • K-Z –these diamonds have flaw and they display visible color tint.

Cheap loose diamonds

Now you might be wondering that if you are planning to purchase cheap loose diamonds what should be the best parameter for purchasing: Here you go:

  • These best quality diamonds will be available between D and E varieties however, these are costly diamonds.
  • In case you are looking for cheap but satisfactory quality of diamonds for maintaining quality and cost, you need to selects diamonds between F and G quality.

Other than colorless variety if you wish to purchase fancy colored diamonds, more the color intensity will be higher, the quality will be considered better.

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