3.10 Carat J VVS2 Loose Diamond Round 100% Natural Certified Diamond Excellent Cut! 9.31 mm Grand Opening Sale Prices!!

Do not compromise on carat size, color or clarity. we specialize in clarity enhanced diamonds. These are natural diamonds mined from the earth. After the diamond is cut and polished, it undergoes another special treatment which surgically removes some of the visible inclusions. our diamonds are not enhanced in any way other than clarity. This treatment can only be given to about 1 in 500 diamonds. It allows you to receive a very high clarity diamond for only a fraction of the price of an untreated counterpart. With our decades of experience in this field, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our product and the professional expertise we offer. The unique enhancement process we use is invisible to the untrained eye, the diamond remains exactly the same, exactly as strong and durable, and has the exact same carat weight. You will also receive a lifetime warranty on the diamond's enhancement, guaranteeing your diamond will remain as beautiful for years to come.

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