Half price diamonds: how you can seal the deal

19 Aug 14 - 00:08


Diamonds are costly gemstones; however, it is indeed profitable to get them in discounted price. Diamond experts suggest checking the 4C factor before purchasing Diamonds online, which is all about checking color, clarity, cut, and carat. Sometimes checking gradation report of diamonds is the suggested way for purchasing quality diamonds but how to get them at discounted process still a matter of luck.


Good quality diamonds are never available in half priced rate or half price diamonds are mostly not of good quality . The bridge between price and quality can be bridged by some comprehensivepolicies.


Half price diamonds


  • It is a global rule that there is great price different between a 1 carat diamond and .95 carat diamond but unless viewed by expert diamond grader, it is difficult to detect the difference. You can save some extra bucks if you purchase diamonds lesser than 1carat mass.
  • You may consider purchasing I-grade diamonds. They look good and cost less than H- grade. Also check if the diamond is color treated. Heat treatment and irradiation may change the color intensity of the diamond but reduces its market value.
  • Instead of purchasing ideal or excellent cut grade diamonds. You will be able to save a good amount of money here. The sparkle of ideal and very good is readable by only expert diamond graders.
  • Sometimes shape determines the price of the diamond. Instead of round brilliant cut you can go for marquise, oval or pear shaped diamonds. These shapes look bigger than same sized round diamond.

Half price diamonds


If you follow all these suggestions, finding good quality but half price diamond will not a utopia for you.

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