Log in to these existing wholesale forums and get spell-bounding diamonds

02 Mar 15 - 03:09

Before we get on with our article there are several people who ask or speculate why they would purchase loose diamonds instead of diamond studded rings of necklaces. Well it is very simple. There are several people who love to make their own designs, whether it’s a necklace or an earring or a ring. But irrespective of whatever diamond one purchases, it is extremely important for them to check whether they are getting top-quality and genuine diamonds, especially with the nature of our existing...

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Cheap loose diamonds: how to decide diamonds quality by its color

15 Sep 14 - 02:13

Purchasing loose diamonds are in common practice these days. Even diamond merchants prefer to buy loose diamonds online because this is an easy way to get diamonds from most reputable diamond merchants. However, online purchasing of diamonds has its inherent risk concerning its quality.

Online purchasing of diamond cab risky as there is hardly any chance to check the diamonds physically. But there is an easy remedy too. The quality of the diamonds can be checked by its 4c factors and it...

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Half price diamonds: how you can seal the deal

19 Aug 14 - 00:08


Diamonds are costly gemstones; however, it is indeed profitable to get them in discounted price. Diamond experts suggest checking the 4C factor before purchasing Diamonds online, which is all about checking color, clarity, cut, and carat. Sometimes checking gradation report of diamonds is the suggested way for purchasing quality diamonds but how to get them at discounted process still a matter of luck.


Good quality diamonds are never available in half priced rate or half price di...

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Discount diamond jewelry: check 4c before buying

18 Aug 14 - 22:57

It is indeed a daunting task for purchasing diamond jewelries online because here you are not getting the jewelry in hand before you pay the bill. Therefore availing paper wise authentication is the best way for checking its reliability and market price. Whatever is the price of the diamond jewelry, regardless you will be enjoying special discount or not, purchasing diamond is always an investment.

It is safe therefore before purchasing discount diamond jewelry, it is always wise to chec...
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Half price diamonds: is it a magic?

16 Jul 14 - 08:26

Diamonds are worldwide known as priceless in terms of price as well as these stones are valued as pricey assets. Different types of diamonds are available for purchase and they are priced as per their inherent qualities, which is termed as 4C parameter. These 4Cs are cut, clarity, carat, and color. More these 4cs are beautifully qualified, the diamond is considered more expensive.

Half price diamondsThen you might be wondering what half price diamonds are? Obviously these are low cost diamonds available for ...
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